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Did you know that spherical ice takes longer to melt than square, or rectangular ice? Round ice cubes will keep your drink cooler for longer and won’t add so much water and dilute your favourite tipple.

Do you have a clean washing up brush? Just pop it in the dishwasher for a thorough clean.

For perfect boiled hen’s eggs get them to room temperature before adding to boiling water, this will help to stop them cracking. For a set white but runny yolk boil for 5 minutes and boil for 9 minutes for a completely hard yolk. Lift the eggs out and drop in cold water to stop any further cooking – if also helps to stop the grey colour forming in your boiled egg. See our range of timers.


Need buttermilk and don’t have any? Simply stir some lemon juice into milk or natural yogurt.


Don’t waste that chilli that’s lost in the back of the fridge, pop it in the freezer before it deteriorates. Use it from frozen when you need it.

If your sugar goes hard, add a piece of bread, give it a few days and the bread will absorb the moisture and the sugar will soften. It’s best to sure to store sugar in airtight containers to stop it getting damp – we love Lock & Lock storage containers but there are other plastic containers as well as jars and canisters available.


If you’ve run out of self raising flour you can add 1 teaspoon of baking powder to every 75g of plain flour.

A lemon will freshen up your microwave and help to remove any welded on food particles and bacteria that have crept into the difficult to reach areas. Keep your microwave in tip top condition by cutting a lemon in half, placing it in the microwave and switch on for 1 minute before carrying out your normal cleaning routine. You’ll find the grease lifts off easily and the glass cleans up a treat.

Fresh yeast needs warmth, moisture and sugar to work properly. Yeast will not respond if the temperature is too cold and if it’s too hot the yeast will die.

To achieve an appealing glazed finish to a raised pie you should apply an egg-wash to the pastry.  To do this remove the pie from the oven about three-quarters through the cooking time, carefully remove the mould from the pie and brush the pastry with egg-wash. Return the pie to the oven on a baking sheet to complete the baking time. Here are our game pie moulds.


If you have to stack non-stick frypans inside one another for storage, then paper towel between the pans will help to prevent damage to the non-stick surface.